Affiliate Program Management

If you want to expand your customer base without incurring high cost to manage large pool of affiliates you could join our affiliate program management service. We have developed in depth know how from our years of experience. Discover the force behind marketing penetration.

Affiliate Program Management

You could benefit in several ways by our affiliate program management services including but not limited to:

• Complete website audit report with in depth coverage of all issues that prevent right positioning of website on search engine.

• Development of result oriented affiliate program and execution of affiliate marketing strategy.

• Monitoring and management of your affiliate program day to day basis.

• Banners and textlinks designed as per industry standards

• Online marketing collaterals to improve your traffic results

• A team of account managers to cater to your queries and maximizing lead generation.

• Improvement on profit margins due personalized approach to each affiliate program specific needs.

Affiliate Program Operational Mechanism

An affiliate program can be successful one has make sure that your offerings have to be part of high quality and high traffic websites which makes your company product or service information easily accessible to your target segment. Effective management of affiliate program could result into 10% to 25% increase in online sales on yearly basis.

How would our affiliate program work for you?

We provide end to end affiliate management solution which includes design, implementation, launch, affiliate recruitment, optimization, growth and creation of affiliate marketing collaterals and tools such as banners, data feeds, videos, widgets and more. Our team ensures that this program is highly effective. We also have pool of successful affiliates that facilitates early exposure of your offering to your target market. We also ensure that terms and conditions are adhered to.

Our program is not based on revenue sharing model with affiliates. Entire commission for the sale is disbursed to the affiliates. As programs based on revenue sharing model comprises of parasites, trademark infringement affiliates and trademark may result in frauds. To keep our dealing transpired we do not encourage revenue sharing model.

We take care of your entire set of needs to market via network of affiliates. Our list of tasks are not limited to affiliate banners, developing affiliate, affiliate text links, HTML newsletter and so on. We also produce a video and add to your selected affiliate network. We also offer customized affiliate media. Do not wait. Contact us today!!

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