Rank Tracking Service

Rank tracking service is an important aspect of your SEO efforts as in brings out the true picture and direction in which your seo efforts are being implemented. It is differentiates between success and failure of your search engine optimization efforts.

How do we help you?

There are number of ways one can check the rankings but they are not accurate and at times time consuming. Our rank tracking services overcomes such pitfalls provides a custom rank tracking solution which brings out the true picture and accurate ranking reporting. Keywords performance tracking is the single most parameter to know the ranking of your website on major search engines. We track five sets of keyword phrases and provide you a report on your rank position in 150 search engines. This report is the key to a decision on continuing with the existing keywords or we have to some more fine tuning on the keywords and put more efforts. Our keyword tracking services will give right information about your business and help guide your marketing efforts in the right direction. We also track for multilingual features. Depending on the requirement we provide daily, weekly, or monthly performance reports. A good rank tracking service also reduces the SEO cost in the long run.

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