Multilingual Search Engine Optimization

Most of the people think that they will have to change their website language in order to rank on the top of the local language search engines like, etc…


Don't worry if your website is in English and you don’t want to spend making an expensive separate multilingual website, you just have to select appropriate language of your interest and we will create entry page which will have same look and feel as your main website, the Multilingual entry page will be linked on your homepage representing country flag, Multilingual entry page will have text / content describing in details about your product and services in the language you ordered, all written by native content writers. We will optimize this entry page with foreign language keywords so it will rank on foreign search engines, at the bottom of multilingual entry page we will add a note which would read "This page was intentionally translated in French (or other language) to give you an idea about our product and services. We request you to conduct all communication with us in English as we are not capable to answer in your native language".

We understand serious customers will definitely contact you to explore further details about your product and services, there would be some who would not be willing to communicate in English, we believe any serious potential customer would understand your concern and communicate in English language, the ones who don’t are not "serious", we classify them as "curious"

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