Linkwheel Service

Linkwheel service is growing in popularity day by day and is touted as latest method having enormous potential to increase traffic to your landing page from different sites. It is one of the must have strategy to market your product or service online. The entire process is collaboration between relevant web 2.0 blog of your website to various sites that have web 2.0 properties. This connection is established whenever a unique content about your specialty product or service on your website is created and submitted in these web 2.0 property sites.

Linkwheel Creation

The linkwheel is created when the links between your site and the other sites having web 2.0 property are interwoven in circular fashion. Hence this method of creating connections is known as Linkwheel. Search engines prefer such content which is qualitative in nature and of relevance as well as connected to the client’s website in some way. Our expert team will design an appropriate linkwheel for you with high quality standards such that it would benefit your business.

Our experts on Linkwheel would provide unique content which would be in the form of articles with orientation to interwoven to your web to your website related topics along with keywords that would drive traffic to client’s website. On receipt of approval of the article a single article per page would be created and would posted in the web 2.0 property websites. These articles would also go through socially bookmarking process along with submission to blog directories.

Linkwheel creation key highlights

Our linkwheel services include posting of website related articles in different web 2.0 property sites.

Multi-directional searches from various locations is a on the core features of our linkwheel creation process.

Enabling presence in the social bookmarking sites which are is a recent buzz among internet users.

A recent buzz among internet users, social bookmarking also form a part of Linkwheel building components.

Linkwheel creation unlike other strategies is distinct marketing strategy to market your product or service online.


I would like to know something about Linkwheel?

In this process we create content on different website having web 2.0 features. First text link point will to client`s website and second one to next web 2.0 article.

Do share sites which are utilized to create Linkwheel?

Yes we do share sites utilized in the process of Linkwheel creation, for example, livejournal,,, and wordpress for creating link wheel.

Is the content provided by you or we have to create it?

We would create content exclusively for you.


One of the primary benefits derived from Linkwheel creation is better search engine rankings. It designed in a way that leads to flow of large number of backlinks and visibility among normal internet users. The logic behind developing Linkwheel is same as the search engines use for calculating search ranks. This process increases the potential of high search rankings but alone cannot guarantee your better search engine page results.

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